Rose Gold I

Book #1-He Loves Me She Loves Me Not Series

Real love, who’s searching for a real love? Not Marley Rainey, she’s not that girl. After watching the floundering relationship of the two people she holds in the highest esteem, Marley has decided that relationships are not her thing. Instead of being concerned about men and love, Marley is focused on her blossoming blogging and hosting career that she hopes will catapult her to the next level. That is until Lyncoln lands in her interview seat. Dr. Lyncoln James Sterling is a well-respected professor, political commentator, and activist. With Lyncoln’s intellect, drive, and domineering personality, there aren’t many challenges he is unable to conquer. The moment he laid eyes on Marley he was intrigued by her beauty, charm, and wit. Following a few chance encounters Lyncoln knew he would stop at nothing to make Marley his next conquest. Marley is hesitant to share her heart with Lyncoln, but he’s determined to unveil his and show her how real love feels. What do you do when you love someone who is too afraid to love you too?