Sincerely Him

Sincerely Him (Book 1) 

Growing up in the heart of the hood, D’artagnan’s affinity to street life was natural, almost instinctive. Being a natural born leader and protector, D’artagnan is the one. You know, the person who everyone calls when they are in need or in trouble. After always taking care of those around him, D’artagnan’s own needs and desires often fall by the wayside. Needless to say, D’artagnan has very little room on his plate for anything extra, especially love. 

With her family’s prominent last name, Yamina is almost guaranteed and expected to succeed in the field of law. But is becoming a lawyer really her dream? Intelligent, strong willed and with a sharp tongue, Yamina can argue and debate with anyone who stands in her way. She is tough on the outside, but on the inside Yamina’s heart is pure, often providing those who need it the most with genuine love and care. 

A love connection often can’t be explained. After a few interactions, that’s exactly what brewed between D’artagnan and Yamina, a bond and an unexpected love. Yamina found herself wanting to know the person very few people knew, the real D’artagnan. And D’artagnan had no plans of entertaining Yamina, but her genuineness and wit unarmed his heart. Without explanation, they understood each other. So, their love should be so simple…right? 

Author’s Note: This is Book 1 in the series.